What makes us so different?

  • We take an Interest in You, the member.  Everything is about You!

  • We ensure that You get great results!

  • We ensure You get great Classes with the Best Instructors!

  • We have great equipment which is available, no long waits!

  • We have great staff!

  • Free Child Minding

You know how most Gyms quickly forget about you after you joined.  And how their Personal Trainers pay no attention to you, unless you are their client.

We are different.  The first thing you'll notice is the friendliness of all our staff.  We will notice you coming in, after all you are our customer! 

Exceed Fitness' Trainers are Experts in their field, you'll notice that from their qualifications and experience.  They are there to help you!

What about Memberships

We have a choice of different memberships, depending on what you want to do.

We have options available for:

  • Gym usage & Les Mills classes
  • ZUU training (small group sessions)
  • Yoga and Balance classes. (some Yoga classes are "small group sessions" as they're limited to 10 people per session)

Can I do Classes only?

Yes, and we have the best value Les Mills Classes in town.  Our basic membership allows you access to many classes as well as the gym.  Some of the Small Group Sessions are not included in the basic membership

Start today...on a New You!

When were you last happy with your shape or fitness level?     Can you remember?

We will help you achieve a new you by offering a motivating and fun exercise environment with the continued support and expertise from our qualified staff.  

Our goals are to make you feel healthier, positive and confident about yourself.

Our state of the art facility is like no other.  Our focus on Wellness and Health and our ability to work very closely with you make Exceed Fitness so unique. We will ensure that you achieve, and Exceed, your personal goals.

Talk to us now to start with Exceed Fitness Botany!




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